Tips For Managing Going Back To The Office


It’s been 2 years since we have stepped into the office on a full-day, full-time basis, and this change to go back to the workplace might be exciting for some but it could also be scary for others; striking dread and anxiety in their hearts.

There might be conflicting feelings of bittersweetness, the sense that life post-pandemic is back to normal; we are able to see our friends and socialize again but we miss the comforts of being home and being close to home with our families and our pets.

Whatever your feelings might be, they are all valid. We have been met with so much uncertainty that any certainty that we are actually going back to the office seemed so uncertain or even implausible. Yet, here we are and all we can do now is to manage any of our feelings as best as we can.

Here are some tips for managing stress at the workplace.


Take short breaks away from your desk

If you find yourself starting to get overwhelmed with your colleagues talking too loudly near you or with the workload you might be facing, take a break from your desk and take a walk around the block or go for a coffee or juice break.

A bit of movement and exercise throughout your day get your body’s energy moving and research has shown it also improves your mood and posture! Stand up every once in a while, and don’t be shy to stretch and move your body to get your energy flowing.

Create a new routine (and wake up early for them)

Many of us have formed new habits and routines when working from home and it’s now time to create a new back-to-work routine. Think back to what might have been working for you before you started working from home and re-create the best of those routines.

Wake up early for them, whether it’s to pick your outfit or pack your water bottle, and do give yourself enough time for them. Throw in a few bonus stops at your favourite coffee place or breakfast bakery for those first few weeks of work to incentivize yourself.

Make your office space comfortable

Bring in something from home that might help ease your day, whether it’s your favourite mug, a cushion or a plant. It could also help spruce up your work desk and counteract any negativity or stress while working on those datelines. And if you need, include some stress balls that you could squeeze when any colleague starts to annoy you.

Be mindful of your colleagues and their experiences

It’s been a while since everyone has worked with everyone in person and so be mindful that everyone’s experience of the pandemic, of working from home has been different. While most of us worked from home, everyone’s family make-up and dynamics are different. Keep in mind what people might have been through because of Covid and how that experience is different for many people as well. Always be compassionate or take some time to re-adjust to each other.

Go easy on yourself and be patient

Everyone will be adjusting and re-adjusting to the office environment, remember to go easy on yourself. Speak privately to your boss if you need to about managing expectations and what you can manage. It’s okay to take your time to get it right to take care of your mental health. Remember that after so much uncertainty over the last few years, your colleagues might be going through the same feelings so you are in good company. Be patient with yourself.