Rapid Transformational Therapy

Rapid Transformational Therapy

Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) is a technique founded by Britain’s most famous therapist, Marisa Peer that combines hypnotherapy, neuro-linguistic programming and cognitive behavioral therapy. It is a powerfully effective method that can deliver extraordinary change from physical, emotional, and psychological pain by reframing our core beliefs, values, habits, and emotions deep in the subconscious. By rapidly rewiring the brain’s neural pathways, RTT® replaces our out-dated belief systems and negative behaviour patterns.

New life-affirming beliefs are formed, and the transformational process begins. This is where we’ll dive into and address a specific goal of yours and uncover the root cause of what might be blocking or holding you back. You’ll gain insights to move forward and a personalized recording that you can listen to for 21 days and is yours to keep.

These sessions are conducted online in the comfort of your own home via Zoom. Research has consistently shown that online therapy can be very effective. Other benefits include the convenience of being able to schedule a session at a more convenient time of your choosing as well as the comfort and privacy of your own home. Due to the sessions being conducted online, it is also more cost-effective and these cost savings are passed on to you, making online therapy much more affordable.  All sessions are confidential.

In-person sessions are also available and held at a location in central Singapore. For in-person sessions, contact Melanie at 81285629.

Rapid Transformational Therapy Associate
Rapid Transformational Therapy Practitioner


I was a little nervous for my session but mostly excited. Melanie’s friendly smile and calm demeanour helped put me at ease quickly. I really never thought I would be able to be hypnotized but to my surprise and delight it happened! I didn’t even realize I was in hypnosis until our session was over. I felt very calm throughout.

During my session, Melanie mindfully guided me to past scenes that I had no idea were something of value. She showed great empathy and encouragement when I felt a little overwhelmed. Overall, Melanie is a skilful professional that I believe can help you if you let her. I’m so grateful to have had an RTT session from her!

Maya K


I recently had a session for self-sabotaging with Melanie. It was wonderful and I had so many break throughs during the session as to how and why I was self-sabotaging myself on various occasions. Melanie is a wonderful therapist. She is calm and confident and she knows what she is doing. She was able to guide and ask the right questions in order for me to get clarity. I will forever be grateful for her time and the session we had. Thank you so much Melanie. And by the way if you are struggling, she is the one for you!!

Sheetal E


Melanie is so good at what she does! She guided me through a powerful, deeply transformative session. I was surprised at what was uncovered, including experiences that I was not aware of before. Through the RTT process I gained an understanding of what was causing my current issue. What a great feeling! This experience was both healing and freeing. I was able to let go of outdated beliefs that were holding me back.

After my session I felt more at peace with myself, lighter, and incredibly empowered. You are in good hands with Melanie, she is very intuitive and an absolute professional. I felt safe, comfortable, and supported throughout the session. I am excited to experience even more transformation and healing as I listen to my personal recording for the next 21 days. If you are thinking about having a session with Melanie, I can highly recommend her!

Sue W

Perth, Australia
rapid transformational therapy

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Duration: 1.5hours – 2 hours