Trauma is frequently associated with physically violent and life-threatening situations. However, trauma can also be caused by almost any negative event that is overwhelming for the individual.

Even after it is over, you may find the episode still affects you mentally or emotionally. You may also find that you might get triggered by seemingly normal events and end up lashing out or over-reacting.

If you feel, you have suffered from trauma, you can learn how to heal from it.

Common traumatic situations include fire, accidents, surgeries, death of another or loved ones, violence and abuse, rape, humiliation, divorce, and being rejected, ridiculed, or harassed.

In regression therapy, we address the origin of the problem. Processing is remembering in a way that it loses its horror and that the original wound fades. Understand that trauma recovery is a process so it is important to take the steps to begin to process the trauma.

Speak to me to help you break through mental blocks and to access your subconscious mind to address the origin of your trauma.


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